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Hastings Hair Extensions Specialist

I offer Micro Ring, Nano Ring, and LA Weave extensions in St Leonards, Hastings, Bexhill, Brighton, and the whole of East Sussex. I supply a range of affordable to high-end hair, creating natural gorgeous locks with over 100 colours to choose from, giving you the perfect match. I am home-based and also work mobile within East Sussex. All the methods of hair extensions that I offer are damage-free and will not prevent your natural hair from growing at its normal rate, in fact, some people find it helps their hair to grow longer. Hair extensions are great for adding length to short hair but also perfect for adding thickness to already long hair! Hair extensions can also be used to add colour to your hair, you can use them to create highlights and lowlights. A consultation is necessary before making an appointment to fit the hair extensions. During the consultation, we will discuss your preferred length and method and also colour match your hair so that your natural hair blends perfectly with the extensions! I will also give you the basic outlines of the necessary aftercare so that you are prepared and can make an informed decision on whether you would like to go ahead with the fitting of the hair extensions.

HAir extension methods

Locksbygen offer three methods of hair extensions; nano rings, micro rings, and LA Weave. All three methods are heat-free, damage-free and pain-free.  


Micro rings -

A section of hair is attached to the micro ring hair extension about 1cm away from the scalp. A small micro ring is what holds the natural hair and the extension together securely without the need for any heat or glue.


Nano rings -

Similar to micro ring hair extensions, nano rings use the same method, the only difference is the size of the ring that holds the two sections of hair together. Nano rings are 90% smaller than micro rings, they are therefore perfect for people with fine hair as the hair extensions are extremely discreet.


LA Weave -

This method is a braidless weave. It is perfect for adding thickness and volume to the hair. The hair extensions themselves come as a weft and are applied to the hair using micro rings. The weft is held securely in place by micro rings that are placed around the head roughly 3cm apart.


To find out more about each method please visit the methods page.

We only offer hair extensions, therefore we have become experts on the subject!

aftercare & maintenance

The aftercare of hair extensions is crucial to ensure you get the longest wear of the hair. After your hair has been fitted you will receive an aftercare form with all of the information and guidelines you will need to follow. However, at your consultation, I will inform you of the main point so that you know what to prepare for. I will also explain the importance of maintenance appointments. These appointments are necessary every 6-8 weeks to keep the hair extensions looking great! To find out what is involved in this appointment please head to the services page.

benefits of hair extensions

Hair growth -

Hair extensions will give you the length and thickness you’ve been wanting, without having to wait years for your natural hair to grow. Hair extensions cause no damage to the natural hair so it will grow healthy and at its normal rate whilst having your extensions.


Colour -

Have you ever wanted highlights/lowlights but didn’t want to bleach your hair and cause damage that you can’t reverse? Hair extensions can do that for you; with no damage whatsoever! A mixture of shades can be used to add highlights/lowlights and some depth to your locks without having to get it bleached.


Thickness -

Already got the perfect length hair but find it’s not thick and voluminous? Feel like you need a bit of “oomph” to your hair? Hair extensions aren’t only for length, they are perfect for adding thickness to your hair all it takes is half a head of extensions. 


Hair Styles -

Hair extensions are a great way to experiment with different hairstyles that aren’t achievable with short hair. From ponytails to french braids the possibilities are endless, get yours now!

contact & booking

To get in contact please call here, alternatively find me on Instagram @hairextensionsbygen, or visit the contact page to find all my details.